Make cheap international calls over the Internet from EVERY home, office, mobile, hotel or pay phone
Example rates in US cents/minute:   Australia 2.5c Brazil from 2.5c, Canada 2.9c China 2.3c U.K 2.3c USA 2.9c
    This is the most exclusive Calling Card in the World:
NO monthly fee, NO yearly fee, NO maintenance fee, NO minimum use, NO connection fee, NO minimum charge per call, NO charge for unanswered calls, NO quality difference, NO need to call from a computer, NO Internet connection needed, NO hidden fees
    You only pay for the calls you make
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  How it works - Quick Start Guide
1. Call from any mobile, home, office, hotel or pay phone to any of the numbers below
    Calls from your phone to these numbers may be charged by the local phone company

2. At the voice prompt you enter your Calling Card number
    Now you will hear the remaining calling credit you have

3. After hearing your calling credit left, dial the number you wish to call as follows:
    Calling North America: Dial 1 + 3-digit Area Code + 7-digit Number + # key
    Calling outside North America: Dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code without first 0 + Number + # key
    The # key after the number you wish to call is very important

    That's all.

4. You are charged the same low rates, regardless which access number below you use
    The rate you pay only depends on the number you call....
    From which country you call is not relevant....!

5. Order here your FREE Calling Card number and Calling Credit   Payment by Paypal
    Calling credit you purchase never expires and is only used to make calls. NO fees apply
    After registration you receive your FREE Calling Card number plus Password.

    You keep your Calling Card number as long as you want and can add Calling Credit as often as needed
    Calling Card number and Password can be changed online whenever you want.
    You get a Password to check online the calls you made incl. time, duration and price.

Calling rates in US$ a minute

44 Countries with Local Access Numbers:
Argentina - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Dominican Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Georgia - Guatemala - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Panama - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom - United States - Venezuela










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